EMU Professional II TCP/IP

EMU Professional II TCP/IP

EMU Professional II TCP/IP

3-phase energy meter with MID B + D and PTB-A 50.7 approval
for energy management according to ISO 50001

Made in Switzerland  


Our highly accurate 3-phase electricity meter EMU Professional II TCP/IP, certified according to MID standards, provides the ideal solution for monitoring and optimizing your energy consumption. Its MID certification ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability, meeting the strictest European standards for measurement technology.

Integrated TCP/IP Interface for Seamless Networking

With the integrated TCP/IP interface, network integration becomes a breeze. You have the ability to monitor and analyze real-time energy consumption, allowing for precise insights and efficiency improvements.

Modbus TCP communication allows for seamless integration of the meter into your existing infrastructure. This proven communication protocol enables reliable real-time data collection and transmission.


Configuration EMU Professional II TCP/IP

Configuration of the EMU Professional II is done via touch-sensitive buttons.

  • Current transformer ratio (5/5A to 20'000/5A resp. 1/1A to 4'000/1A)
  • Network configuration e.g. IP, Subnet and Gateway
  • Pulse rate- and time

All configuration changes relevant to calibration-law are stored in the logbook of the EMU Professional II TCP/IP LP according to regulation PTB-A 50.7.



Key features

  • TCP/IP interface supporting Modbus TCP and API integration
  • MQTT communication
  • Seamless web server functionality and effortless plug & play integration with Joulio-Web device management and energy management solutions
  • Direct 100A or indirect connection using current transformers /5 and /1A

Products & Part number

  • Direct 100A: EMU Professional II 3/100 TCP/IP | Part No. P20A000T
  • Indirect: EMU Professional II 3/5 TCP/IP | Part No.: P21A000T

Read-out interfaces

TCP/IP interface with Modbus TCP

TCP/IP Interface: The integrated LAN TCP/IP interface is designed to withstand environmental challenges and safeguard against tampering. Easily access and analyze various meter readings via your web browser and IP address within a LAN or WAN network.

Remote Reading via Modbus TCP: Effortlessly retrieve real-time data remotely using the Modbus TCP protocol, ensuring accurate and timely insights into your energy consumption.

HTTP-GET API: Access data effortlessly through HTTP-GET API, providing a user-friendly interface for integration with other systems and applications.

NTP Time Server: Maintain precise time synchronization with the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, ensuring accurate timestamping of your energy data.

Buffered Clock with Synchronization: Enjoy uninterrupted clock functionality with built-in buffering and synchronization features for consistent timekeeping.

DHCP or Fixed IP: Choose between dynamic IP assignment via DHCP or opt for a fixed IP configuration based on your network requirements.

Modbus TCP: Similar to Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP employs TCP/IP packets for data transmission. It utilizes TCP-Port 502 for communication.


S0-Pulse output

S0-Pulse output

The EMU Professional II TCP/IP owns a configurable S0 Pulse output

  • Active Energy consumption
  • Active Energy supply
  • Reactive Energy import
  • Reactive Energy export

Configuration ex-factory: Direct meter: 1'000 pulse/40 ms | Indirect meter (CT): 10 pulse/120 ms



A 38x28mm graphic LC-Display allows for effortless read-out of parameters and settings. The well-arranged and intuitive operation makes the adjustment of settings like Language, CT-ratio or date and time very easy and helps in the day to day work with the energy meter.

All logbook entries relevant to calibration-law as well as the load profiles can be read-out on the display.


MID B+D und PTB-A 50.7

The EMU Professional II can be used for accounting purposes ex-factory due to its MID B + D certificate.

  • MID-Module B = Type test
  • MID-Module D = Certified processes in production
  • PTB-A 50.7 = cerified load profile conforming to legal requirements in differentiation of in-house energy production and third party import.

The additional certification for module D, QM-System for production and final testing allows the use of all EMU Professional II for accounting purposes.

Remote Reading via Modbus TCP: Effortlessly retrieve real-time data remotely using the Modbus TCP protocol, ensuring accurate and timely insights into your energy consumption.

EMU Professional II TCP/IP LP (Certified load profile)

The EMU Professional II TCP/IP LP possesses the following necessary features for the German national approval PTB-A 50.7.

  • Internal, easily reviewed logbook for recording the following calibration-law relevant events and changes in configuration:
    • Adjustments of date or time
    • Adjustments to the current transformer ratio
  • A real-time clock with synchronization via a NTP time server. In case of a power outtage a super capacitor sustains this clock for numerous days.
  • The load profile is saved every 15 minutes. The stored data can be easily reviewed on the Professional II and possesses a storage depth of over 3 years.
  • The load profile can also be reviewed via the following interfaces. TCP/IP Interface with integrated webserver, NTP, Modbus TCP and API.

Modbus TCP Energy Meters with API LAN Interface: Now Available at EMU!

Modbus TCP Energy Meters with API LAN Interface: Now Available at EMU!

In the ever-advancing realm of technology, energy meters are no exception. They've evolved to seamlessly transmit recorded energy consumption data to a server, both wired and wirelessly, thanks to one key component: interfaces. Alongside LoRa, RS485, or M-Bus interfaces, energy meters can also come equipped with TCP/IP interfaces. These interfaces allow meters to precisely and swiftly communicate energy data, facilitating precise third-party quantity separation. In EMU Metering's online shop, you'll discover high-quality energy meters with TCP/IP interfaces and Modbus TCP communication – explore our selection today.

What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP, short for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, encompasses a suite of selected communication protocols used for networking. These protocols ensure seamless communication across networks, maintaining continuous connectivity. TCP and IP are the two primary protocols, but there are others in use as well.

They provide end-to-end communication, allowing data to be exchanged over the internet. They dictate how data is split into packets, addressed, transmitted, routed, and received at its destination. The beauty of this is that this communication process requires minimal centralized management, making networks reliable. Furthermore, TCP/IP enables networks to recover automatically in the event of any device within the interconnected system failing.

What Functions Does the EMU Professional II Energy Meter with Modbus TCP / LAN Interface Offer?

In our online shop, you'll find energy meters with various interfaces. If you generate your own energy, you can reliably differentiate third-party quantities thanks to the integrated TCP/IP interface in some meters from the EMU Professional II series. The communication module allows the display of real-time data and logging of different measurement values. To safeguard the meter's data from unauthorized access, a password can be employed. Moreover, these meters are suitable for capturing energy consumption data as part of an ISO 50001 energy management system.

Consumption data can be remotely read through a Modbus-TCP interface and an HTTP-GET API interface. Unlike Modbus-RTU, which is used in our RS485 energy meters, Modbus-TCP transmits data in TCP/IP packets. Aside from this difference, the two interfaces are quite similar. The TCP Port 502 on EMU Professional II TCP/IP meters is reserved for the Modbus-TCP interface. An NTP time server ensures that measurements are timestamped in a synchronized manner. Lastly, stored data can be exported as needed.

What Measurement Values Can Be Stored?

The energy meter features an integrated load profile memory that stores data at 15-minute intervals for over 3 years. Data loggers can capture the following measurement values:

  • Active Energy Consumption
  • Active Energy Supply
  • Active Power per Phase L1/L2/L3
  • Current per Phase L1/L2/L3
  • Voltage per Phase L1/L2/L3

Settings, Bus Connections, and Cable Types

Our energy meters are delivered with default settings from the factory. The appropriate configuration can be obtained via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). The Modbus-TCP connection is made using an RJ45 Twisted Pair cable. This is a copper cable with twisted, crossed, or stranded pairs of wires. This cable type is characteristic of signal and data transmission.

Energy meters with the integrated TCP/IP communication module also feature a configurable S0 pulse output. This allows the transmission of measurement values for both active energy consumption and delivery.

In Summary:

Active energy is energy consumed by an electrical load that is converted into other forms of energy, whereas reactive energy oscillates between the grid and the load and cannot be utilized.

Benefit from EMU Professional II energy meters with integrated TCP/IP interfaces – and trust in their numerous certifications: these meters are MID B+D certified, suitable for ISO 50001 energy management, and billing purposes. An efficient and reliable energy management system requires dependable energy meters – and EMU delivers them!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about meter installation or configuration. The EMU team is here to assist you!