EMU Professional II M-Bus

EMU Professional II M-Bus

EMU Professional II M-Bus

3-phase M-Bus energy meter with MID B + D and PTB-A 50.7 approval
for energy management according to ISO 50001

Made in Switzerland  


Configuration Made Easy with Touch-Sensitive Buttons

Setting up the EMU Professional II M-Bus is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly touch-sensitive buttons.

M-Bus interface: Configure the M-Bus primary address or baudrate using the buttons or free M-Bus Software EMU MB-Connect

Flexible Current Transformer Ratios: Choose from a wide range of current transformer ratios, from 5/5A to an impressive 20,000/5A, or 1/1A to 4,000/1A.

Customizable Pulse Rate and Length: Tailor the pulse rate and time settings to your specific requirements, ensuring accurate measurements for your unique applications.

Compliance with Calibration Laws: Rest easy knowing that all configuration changes pertinent to calibration laws are meticulously recorded in the EMU Professional II LP's logbook, adhering to regulation PTB-A 50.7 standards.



Key features

  • M-Bus interface | 2x2 Terminals for easy wiring and looping
  • Direct 100A or indirect using current transformers
  • Transformer ratio, pulse rate and width and M-Bus addresses are repeatedly adjustable via touch-sensitive buttons
  • Up to four tariff e.g. day / night / weekend (HT/NT)
  • Time and date synchronistaion using M-Bus

Products & Part number

  • Direct 100A: EMU Professional II 3/100 M-Bus | Part No.. P20A000M
  • Indirect: EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bus | Part No.: P21A000M

Read-out interfaces

M-Bus Read-out interface & tariff

Effortless data retrieval with M-Bus connectivity

The EMU Professional II M-Bus boasts 2x2 M-Bus terminals, ensuring hassle-free connections and seamless looping

Stay synchronized with accurate time and date settings. Our EMU Professional II M-Bus seamlessly syncs date and time by M-Bus. Important for power meters with internal memory.

Up to Four Tariff

Take control of your energy usage with our multi-tariff feature. Choose from up to four tariff options, e.g. day, night, and weekend rates. Optimize and track the energy consumption based on your specific needs.

S0-Pulse output

S0-Pulse output

The EMU Professional II possesses a configurable S0-Pulse output

  • Active Energy consumption
  • Active Energy supply
  • Reactive Energy import
  • Reactive Energy export

Configuration ex-factory:  Direct meter: 1'000 pulse/40 ms | Indirect meter (CT): 10 pulse/120 ms



A 38x28mm graphic LC-Display allows for effortless read-out of parameters and settings. The well-arranged and intuitive operation makes the adjustment of settings like Language, CT-ratio or date and time very easy and helps in the day to day work with the energy meter.

All logbook entries relevant to calibration-law as well as the load profiles can be read-out on the display.


MID B+D und PTB-A 50.7

The EMU Professional II M-Bus can be used for accounting purposes ex-factory due to its MID B + D certificate.

  • MID-Module B = Type approval for the product
  • MID-Module D = Certified processes in production
  • PTB-A 50.7 = Cerified load profile conforming to legal requirements in differentiation of in-house energy production and third party import.

The additional certification for module D, QM-System for production and final testing allows the use of all EMU Professional II for accounting purposes.

15-Minute interval load profile available in EMU Professional II M-Bus LP with over 3 Years of Data

Experience the power of precise data with our load profile storage offering 15-minute interval recordings. With a storage depth of over 3 years, you have access to comprehensive historical data for informed decision-making. Our load profile storage system adheres strictly to calibration regulations and is certified under PTB-A 50.7 standards. This ensures accuracy and reliability in your energy measurements.

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Experience Precision Monitoring with our 3-Phase Power Meter featuring an M-Bus Interface

Ensure accurate and efficient energy management with our advanced 3-phase power meter equipped with a seamless M-Bus interface. Monitor and optimize your power consumption effortlessly.

Supply for Germany: Our branch office in Germany distributes the EMU Professional II in Germany. Quotes & Webshop: www.emu-metering.de

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Unlock the Power of M-Bus Energy Meters at EMU Electronic AG

Effective energy management isn't just about numbers; it's about taking control of your consumption data and driving real change in your energy strategy. That's why you deserve top-notch measuring devices that deliver on their promises. And if your goal is to boost energy efficiency, quality, and remote meter reading capabilities should always be at the forefront of your choices. At EMU , our energy meters come equipped with an integrated M-Bus interface, empowering you to take strides towards your energy goals while effortlessly monitoring your consumption data.

Delve into the World of M-Bus: Empowering your energy strategy

What is M-Bus?

M-Bus, short for "Meter Bus," is a technical standard that simplifies the provision of consumable energy data in a usable format. It's the backbone of electronic meter data transmission, widely used in digital energy meters and "Smart Metering" systems.

How M-Bus Works:

Transmitting consumption data via M-Bus requires a Master device, like a level converter or M-Bus data logger. The connected measuring devices, known as M-Bus slaves, send their data through a two-wire connection to the Master. There, it's collected, stored, and potentially processed, with transmission speed determined by the connected device's operating modes.

The Advantages of Energy Meters with M-Bus Interface

  • Versatility: M-Bus interface meters can handle various types of measurement data. This means that you can remotely capture consumption data from heat, water, gas, and electricity meters through the meter reading system.
  • Scalability: M-Bus systems allow you to connect a large number of meters in a bus network. They can even be powered through the bus, making your setup more efficient.
  • Cost-Effective and User-Friendly: M-Bus systems are cost-effective to acquire and simple to install. Plus, they come with reverse polarity protection, minimizing the risk of damage during installation.

Buy M-Bus Energy Meters in the EMU Online Shop

In our online shop, you'll find a diverse range of energy meters equipped with integrated M-Bus interfaces, including:

  • 3-phase direct electricity meters
  • 3-phase indirect power meters using current transformer
  • 1-phase power meters
  • Data logger and gateway to read all your power and energy meters

Our M-Bus interfaces comply with international standards, including EN 13757-2 and EN 13757-3, ensuring seamless compatibility with smart metering products. Additionally, our products hold crucial certifications:

  • MID B+D certification for energy cost billing
  • ISO 50001 certification for energy management
  • PTB-A 50.7 certification

Our models are equipped with configurable S0 pulse outputs for active and reactive energy, boasting low measurement deviation due to their accuracy class B. This means our M-Bus meters are incredibly versatile, suitable for a variety of applications. Plus, all our measuring devices feature integrated readout modules, protecting them from dirt and tampering.

Choose EMU Metering: Where Quality Meets Innovation

For efficient and forward-looking energy management, trust EMU, guided by "Quality that Counts – Made in Switzerland."

Looking for products with different readout interfaces? Explore our extensive range of high-quality energy meters, which includes RS 485 Modbus RTU, TCP/IP, or LoRa interfaces. You can also find suitable current transformers in our online shop.

If you have questions about our products or need insights into modern energy management, we're here to assist you. Feel free to reach out – we're just a click away!