EMU Professional II LoRa

EMU Professional II LoRa

EMU Professional II LoRa

EMU Professional II LoRa

3-phase LoRa power meter with MID B + D approval
for energy management according to ISO 50001

Made in Switzerland  


Configuration | Touch-Sensitive Buttons

Setting up the EMU Professional II LoRa is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly touch-sensitive buttons.

LoRa interface: Sending intervall and LoRa payload can be configured.

Flexible Current Transformer Ratios: Choose from a wide range of current transformer ratios, from 5/5A to an impressive 20,000/5A, or 1/1A to 4,000/1A.

Customizable Pulse Rate and Length: Tailor the pulse rate and time settings to your specific requirements, ensuring accurate measurements for your unique applications.



Key features

  • LoRa Class C device, LoRa interface with internal or external LoRa antenna
  • Direct 100A or indirect using current transformers
  • LoRa AppEUI: 10 2C EF 00 00 00 00 00
  • Sending intervall by default 15 minutes
  • Payload configurator and decoder available on Github: https://github.com/emuag/professional_II_lora

Products & Part number

Internal LoRa antenna

  • Direct 100A: EMU Professional II 3/100 LoRa | Part No. P20A000LO
  • Indirect: EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bus | Part No.: P21A000LO

SMA connector for external LoRa antenna + Internal LoRa antenna

  • Direct 100A: EMU Professional II 3/100 LoRa external Antenna | Part No. P20A000LE
  • Indirect: EMU Professional II 3/5 LoRa external Antenna  | Part No.: P21A000LE

LoRa interface

LoRa Interface

Our LoRa interface ensures a stable and high-performance connection to the LoRaGateway by continuously adapting optimal transmission and reception parameters. To simplify the integration of your electricity meter, you can check the status of the LoRa network connection at any time directly on the display.

  • Frequency Band EU: 863-870MHz
  • Type: Class C device
  • Two-way Communication: Always ready to receive (Class C)
  • Signal Strength: 14dbm

Note: When operating the LoRa power meter EMU Professional II 3/100 on a LoRa network that does not support Class C devices, it will function as a Class A device.

LoRa Decoder Integration

On the TTN network, the power meter EMU Professional II LoRa is readily available as a template.

For seamless integration into other systems, we offer the LoRa decoder on GITHUB. Link to GITHUB LoRa Decoder

Factory Configuration of LoRa Power Meter

Each LoRa electricity meter comes with the following factory configuration:

  • JoinMode: OTAA
  • DevEUI: Starting with 102CEF
  • AppKey
  • AppEUI: Always set to 10 2C EF 00 00 00 00 00

You can easily access the DevEUI and AppKey on the display. The AppEUI is consistently set to 10 2C EF 00 00 00 00 00.

S0-Pulse output

S0-Pulse output

The EMU Professional II LoRa possesses a configurable S0-Pulse output

  • Active Energy consumption
  • Active Energy supply
  • Reactive Energy import
  • Reactive Energy export

Configuration ex-factory: Direct meter: 1'000 pulse/40 ms | Indirect meter (CT): 10 pulse/120 ms



Benefit from a user-friendly 38x28mm graphic LC-Display for seamless parameter and setting read-outs. Its intuitive interface simplifies adjustments such as language preferences, CT-ratios, and date/time settings, streamlining your day-to-day energy meter management.


MID B+D certified

The EMU Professional II LoRa can be used for energy management and billing purposes ex-factory due to its MID B + D certificate.

  • MID-Module B = Type approval for the product
  • MID-Module D = Certified processes in production

The additional certification for module D, QM-System for production and final testing allows the use of all EMU Professional II LoRa for billing purposes.

Advanced 3-Phase Power Meter with LoRa Interface

Advanced 3-Phase Power Meter with LoRa Interface

Discover our advanced 3-phase energy meter with LoRa interface. This cutting-edge solution revolutionizes energy monitoring, enabling seamless data transmission for real-time insights. Monitor and optimize your power consumption effortlessly. Explore now for efficient and reliable energy management

Key Features:

  • Efficient Data Transmission: The LoRa interface ensures fast and reliable data transmission e.g. every 15 minutes, enabling you to monitor your energy consumption with precision.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay informed about your energy usage in real-time, allowing for better control and optimization of your energy consumption
  • Seamless Integration: With its LoRa interface, this meter effortlessly integrates into your existing monitoring systems, providing a comprehensive view of your energy consumption



Experience the future with LoRa Energy Meters

Are you in search of a modern energy meter that can reliably transmit your energy data even over long distances or from remote areas with limited infrastructure? Look no further; Energy meters with LoRa interfaces are the perfect choice for you!

Discover the brilliance of EMU Metering's smart meters and keep a watchful eye on your energy consumption data in this age of IoT, thanks to LoRa wireless technology. It's not just about monitoring; it's about achieving a new level of energy management excellence, aligned with ISO 50001 standards.

Why Choose Energy Meters with LoRa Interfaces?

  • Limitless Reach: LoRa, short for "Long Range," is the heart of this technology. It offers an open system accessible to virtually anyone worldwide, with an impressive communication range of up to 10 km. Ideal for remote energy data readings over vast areas.
  • How LoRa Data Collection Works: LoRa operates on a wireless connection, transmitting small data packets. Its unique capability to handle small data packets results in incredibly low energy consumption and extended battery life.
  • Bidirectional Communication: LoRa is a bidirectional communication system. This means it not only receives data but allows changes to be made to the meter without physical access. Adjustments like values contained in the LoRa payload can be conveniently managed from a LoRa Network Server or the EMU Joulio-Web.

Explore EMU Metering's LoRa-Enabled Energy Meters Online

Our high-quality inventory includes digital energy meters, with three-phase energy measuring devices having MID certification and adaptable readout interfaces. This allows our smart DIN rail energy meters to transmit data over LoRa networks.

The Professional II series meters are designed for direct connection or current transformer-based monitoring of consumption data. Equipped with graphical LCD displays and backlighting, data and settings are easily accessible. You can even monitor the status of the LoRa network connection effortlessly.

The LoRa interface in these meters ensures a consistent and high-performing connection to the gateway, constantly adjusting the optimal transmission and reception parameters. This means you can rely on LoRa anytime, anywhere, thanks to the Class C device's readiness.

Already have a LoRa network that doesn't support Class C devices? Not an issue! EMU Professional II series meters are versatile. In this scenario, the meter adjusts and operates like a Class A device.

EMU Metering's LoRa-enabled energy meters are available in two configurations - those with an integrated LoRa antenna and those with both an integrated antenna and an external SMA connector for an external LoRa antenna. This flexibility allows you to choose the optimal installation location for the energy meter.

Our energy meters come with the following configurations:

  • JoinMode: OTAA
  • DevEUI (starts with 102CEF)
  • Appkey
  • AppEUI (10 2C EF 00 00 00 00 00)

Additionally, the LoRa-enabled energy meters feature an additional S0 pulse output that can be configured for both active and reactive energy.

With high-quality energy measuring devices and dependable wireless technology, remote data readings become a breeze. Enhance your modern energy management, boost efficiency, and save time on data collection with LoRa-enabled energy meters, among other reliable products from EMU Metering. Your energy future awaits!