Data Logger: M-Center

EMU M-Center

EMU M-Center

M-Bus and Modbus Data logger & gateway
Internet of things and Industry 4.0 ready

Made in Switzerland  

Flexible and expandable

  • Integration with Joulio-Web Device Management: Ensuring a secure firmware update process and establishing a digital twin for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Data Acquisition: Gather data effortlessly from M-Bus, Modbus RTU, and Modbus TCP devices
  • Enhanced System Connectivity: Unlock additional connectivity options with optional MQTT, OPC UA, and BACnet IP licenses
  • Robust Data Recording and Export: Facilitating comprehensive data analysis, with options for recording and exporting data
  • Transparent Energy Consumption: Gain visibility into energy consumption patterns, empowering targeted measures for increased efficiency and sustainability.
  • ISO 50001 Compliance: Ideal for seamless integration into energy data management systems adhering to ISO 50001 standards, ensuring regulatory compliance and optimization of energy resources.



Hardware features

  • Integrated M-Bus level converter for up to 250 M-Bus slaves | Ex Factory license for 20 M-Bus meters active
  • 2x M-Bus interface
  • 2x RS485 interface for Modbus RTU readout (license optional)
  • 2x RJ45 interface (1x for LAN connection and 1x service port)
  • 8x Flex I/O's
  • Integrated SIM card LTE modem
  • USB C interface
  • 230V power supply

Part number


210.000.00 EMU M-Center for 20 M-Bus Devices

Firmware options:

210.020.01 M-Center | M-Bus License 20 to 60 Devices
210.020.02 M-Center | M-Bus License 20 to 120 Devices
210.020.03 M-Center | M-Bus License 20 to 250 Devices
210.200.00 M-Center | License RS485 32 Devices
210.200.01 M-Center | License RS485 64 Devices
210.200.03 M-Center | License Modbus TCP 20 Devices (Reading)
210.300.00 M-Center | License BACnet IP
210.300.01 M-Center | License OPC UA
210.300.03 M-Center | License MQTT
210.300.04 M-Center | License Modbus TCP (M-Bus to Modbus TCP)

General menu navigation

Menu navigation

  • UIser-friendly HTML5 responsive web-server
  • Quickly view all meters at a glance and effortlessly configure meters and data logger
  • Reliable backup and seamless data expor

Current and historical measurements


  • Meter Identification: Easily discern devices with its designated name, associated cost center and precise location or other META data.
  • Recent Measurements: Access the most up-to-date readings available since the last recorded data.
  • Latest Reading Timestamp: View the last recorded reading, conveniently dated, such as at the end of each month.

Momentante und Historische Messwerte

M-Bus Data Logger Production in Switzerland

M-Bus Data Logger Production in Switzerland

M-Bus Data Loggers Made in Switzerland? Yes, it's possible!

EMU Electronic remains committed to manufacturing and innovation in Switzerland. The circuit board assembly takes place just 16km away from our facility in Baar, ZG. In our facility, M-Bus data loggers are assembled, tested, and, if necessary, customized to meet customer specifications.


Efficient Commissioning

Utilizing the M-Center with an integrated high-performance M-Bus level converter facilitates swift configuration and commissioning. Its automated capability to read up to 250 M-Bus meters guarantees seamless, error-free data capture for subsequent analysis and billing.

Key Features:

  • Automated M-Bus device search streamlines the commissioning process.
  • Support for both M-Bus primary and secondary addresses enhances flexibility.
  • Baudrate options ranging from 300 to 9600, with 2400 Baud recommended for optimal performance.
  • Templates tailored for Modbus devices expedite setup and configuration.

Elevate your commissioning process with our efficient M-Center, ensuring a smooth and error-free transition into operational use.


Integration into Energy Management per ISO 50001

Seamless Integration with ISO 50001 Energy Management

Our open and inclusive energy management system seamlessly reads all energy meters equipped with M-Bus interfaces compliant with EN 13757-2, -3. If necessary, customized device drivers can be generated on the EMU M-Center, exported, and then applied to other M-Bus devices. Naturally, all captured measurements are meticulously archived and transmitted to the centralized Energy Management System.

Integration into Existing Systems


Additionally, the M-Center serves as an ideal system component for system integration by BACnet IP or MQTT.

The M-Center and the registered M-Bus participants are recognized as separate device objects with a static listing of analog input objects (measurements). Integration into an overarching BACnet IP system is almost configuration-free.

Investment Protection

Investment protection

The EMU M-Center boasts powerful hardware designed to meet the demands of your projects. Its modular firmware architecture allows for seamless post-licensing of additional functionalities, ensuring a dynamic and flexible solution that evolves with your building requirements. Invest in hardware that grows alongside your vision and project aspirations.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software

Integrated high-performance M-Bus level converter
Modular software architecture
M-Bus short-circuit and overcurrent monitoring
2x RS485 interface

Integration into Existing Systems

Integration into existing systems

by BACnet IP
(s)FTP Upload

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