EMU Professional II Modbus

EMU Professional II RS485 Modbus

EMU Professional II Modbus

3-phase RS485 Modbus power meter with MID B + D approval
for energy management according to ISO 50001

Made in Switzerland  


Configuration EMU Professional II Modbus

Configuration of the EMU Professional II Modbus is done via touch-sensitive buttons.

  • Current transformer ratio (5/5A to 20'000/5A resp. 1/1A to 4'000/1A)
  • RS485 interface e.g. Baudrate and address
  • Pulse rate- and length



Key features

  • RS485 Modbus RTU interface
  • Direct 100A or indirect using current transformers /5 and /1A
  • Up to four tariffs eg. day / night / weekend

Products & Part number

  • Direct 100A: EMU Professional II 3/100 Modbus | Part No. P20A000MO
  • Indirect: EMU Professional II 3/5 Modbus | Part No.: P21A000MO

Read-out interfaces

RS485 Modbus RTU interface

Configure your power meter effortlessly with the following features:

Intuitive Touch-Sensitive Controls: Easily adjust settings using touch-sensitive control buttons. For added security, a sealable service button must be pressed for each configuration change.

Flexible Current Transformer Ratio: Customize the current transformer ratio multiple times, choosing between 1 or 5 A transformers, supporting up to 20000/5 or 4000/1 A.

RS485 Modbus Settings Configuration: Utilize control keys to set the RS485 Modbus address and baud rate for seamless integration.

Modbus Baud Rate Configuration: Set the Modbus baud rate either via keys or through the Modbus interface.

Modbus Primary Address Configuration: Easily adjust the Modbus primary address using either the control keys or the Modbus interface.

Modbus Address Configuration: Configure the Modbus address conveniently via control keys or the Modbus interface.

Ensure your power meter operates optimally with these user-friendly configuration options.

S0-Pulse output

S0-Pulse output

The EMU Professional II Modbus has a configurable S0-Pulse output

  • Active Energy consumption
  • Active Energy supply
  • Reactive Energy import
  • Reactive Energy export

Configuration ex-factory:
Direct meter: 1'000 pulse/40 ms | Indirect meter (CT): 10 pulse/120 ms



Featuring a 38x28mm graphic LC-Display, effortlessly access and adjust parameters and settings. The intuitive interface simplifies tasks such as language selection, CT-ratio configuration, RS485 setup, and date/time adjustments, streamlining day-to-day operations with the energy meter.



The EMU Professional II can be used for billing purposes ex-factory due to its MID B + D certificate.

  • MID-Module B = Type approval
  • MID-Module D = Certified processes in production

The additional certification for module D, QM-System for production and final testing allows the use of all EMU Professional II for billing purposes.


RS485 and Energie Management

In the realm of energy management, precision and seamless communication are paramount. This is where RS485 Modbus technology steps in as a game-changer. By integrating RS485 Modbus protocols, energy management systems gain a powerful tool for collecting and transmitting data with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Key Benefits of RS485 Modbus in Energy Management:

  1. Enhanced Data Accuracy: RS485 Modbus ensures precise data readings, minimizing discrepancies and optimizing decision-making processes for energy consumption.
  2. Efficient Communication: With its robust communication capabilities, RS485 Modbus enables real-time monitoring and control of energy-related parameters, facilitating immediate response to fluctuating demands.
  3. Seamless Integration: RS485 Modbus seamlessly integrates with a wide range of energy management devices and software, providing a unified platform for comprehensive energy analysis and reporting.
  4. Cost-Effective Scalability: Its daisy-chain topology allows for the connection of multiple devices, optimizing cost and infrastructure while expanding the system's capabilities.
  5. Reduced Downtime: The fault-tolerant nature of RS485 Modbus minimizes disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted data flow critical for energy management operations.
  6. Cybersecurity Measures: Implementing secure Modbus gateways and best practices bolsters the protection of critical energy management data from potential cyber threats.
  7. Future-Ready Solutions: RS485 Modbus lays the foundation for advanced energy management applications, providing a scalable and adaptable framework for future upgrades.

By incorporating RS485 Modbus technology, energy management systems can achieve a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and responsiveness. Whether in industrial, commercial, or residential settings, the integration of RS485 Modbus is a strategic move towards a more sustainable and cost-effective energy management approach.

RS485 Modbus

RS485 Modbus Energy Meters: Your Trusted Partner for Reading

For dependable energy consumption readings, you need a steadfast ally – an energy meter with an RS485 Modbus interface. EMU Metering's online shop offers precisely these devices. But what exactly is this interface? RS stands for Recommended Standard.

You can find RS485 interfaces in some of our 3-phase energy meters from the Professional and Professional II series, alongside other interface types like TCP/IP or LoRa. RS485 supports the Modbus/RTU protocol. RTU stands for Remote Terminal Unit, transmitting data in binary form, while Modbus ASCII uses its namesake code for data transmission. Up to 32 devices can be connected to an RS485 bus, and with a repeater, you can increase that number to up to 128 connection possibilities. Get your reliable RS485 Modbus energy meter today!

Is Modbus the Same as RS485?

No, RS485 is a data transmission standard for a physical interface, whereas Modbus is a protocol that relies on RS485 for implementation. Modbus RTU, just like RS485, sends data using binary code. Furthermore, RS485 uses different electrical signals for data transmission compared to the now rarely implemented RS232 interface. Additionally, there is the Modbus ASCII protocol, which transmits data in its respective code.

Why Opt for an Energy Meter with RS485 Interface?

The key argument here is that multiple devices can be operated through a single RS485 Modbus interface. This means you don't need numerous interfaces when querying data from different devices. However, it's crucial to use the correct interface, as RS232 and RS485, for instance, are not entirely compatible. Additionally, the RS485 Modbus interface covers a significantly greater transmission distance, and higher clock rates are possible.

Which EMU Metering Electricity Meters Feature RS485?

If you're specifically looking for an energy meter with an RS485 Modbus interface, you'll find them in our 3-phase current transformer meters and 3-phase electricity meters. In short, they can be found in all meters with Modbus interfaces that allow data transmission to a counterpart.

Key Features of the RS485 Interface

Is an energy meter with an RS485 Modbus interface the right choice for you? Here's a quick look at all the relevant features:

  • Number of Receivers: 32
  • Maximum Line Length: 1,200 meters
  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 39,800 Baud

Available read-out interfaces in our Energy Meters

Depending on the model, our electricity meters include these interfaces:

  • M-Bus
  • Modbus-RTU
  • TCP/IP
  • KNX
  • LoRa

If you're specifically looking for RS485-capable meters, you'll receive a device with an integrated Modbus interface from the Professional and Professional II product lines. These meters are MID B+D certified, ensuring reliable and accurate measurement of all energy consumption. Depending on the model, they can also record different tariffs, such as day and night consumption. Switching tariffs via a 230-volt signal is a breeze.

RS485 Modbus Interface: Centralized Access to crucial data

Retrieving a multitude of data in one central location may seem like herding cats. But not with energy meters featuring an RS485 Modbus interface. At EMU Metering, you'll receive not only top-notch hardware but also swift software to accurately track consumption and calculate the right billing. Precisely calibrated, sustainable, and user-friendly – get your RS485 interface energy meter today. We look forward to hearing from you!