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Energy management & billing

ISO 50001 certified
On site or cloud solution

Made in Switzerland  

Overview of Consumption and Production

Use our ISO 50001 Energy Management System "Joulio-Web" to monitor all usage data and bill utilities at the push of a button.  Joulio-Web EMS can be quickly integrated into an existing IT landscape and scaled to an unlimited number of meters or locations.

Our energy management software "Joulio-Web" is ISO 50001 certified

The web-based software automatically records and analyses all relevant energy and process data. This data allows for fast decision-making and process-adjusting to prevent energy peaks.

Allgemeine Menüführung


  • Continuous data evaluation
  • Visualisation incl. individual charts
  • Automated reporting
  • Alerting
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Support & update service
  • Cost center & residential billing

Grafische Verbrauchsauswertung


  • M-Bus via EMU M-Center
  • LoRa
  • Modbus TCP via EMU M-Center
  • Modbus RTU via EMU M-Center
  • Manual data input
  • Further interfaces in development eg. MQTT

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Customer benefits

  • Fast installation and integration of Joulio-Web into existing IT landscapes
  • Supports popular multi-make meters
  • Energy usage becomes transparent
  • Visualisation and reporting according to ISO 50001 certification
  • Automatic monthly reports
  • Scalable, unlimited number of meters and locations
  • No middlemen: Software and energy meters, set-up straight from the manufacturer



  • Line graph
  • Bar graph
  • Sankey graph
  • Load profile analysis
  • Graph customisation
  • Heatmap
  • Each graph may be used for any measurement
  • Further visualisations planned

Allgemeine Menüführung

General menu navigation

  • Dashboard with user-friendly grouping
  • Overview of all meters
  • Meter and data logger configuration
  • Backup and data export



  • Time-controlled reporting, e.g. daily, monthly
  • Event-driven reports
  • Custom report contents
  • E-mail delivery in common formats



  • Custom thresholds
  • Custom tolerance bands
  • E-mail notification on alarms

Unlock the Power of M-Center:

Achieve Peak Energy Management with Cutting-Edge Software

Today, energy efficiency is more critical than ever. Responsible and cost-effective energy management can be achieved through modern energy management software. The ability to capture consumption data using specialized software provides a clear overview and the potential for sustainable energy cost reduction. But what should a software solution possess to deliver all the benefits of modern consumption data collection effectively?

Key Features of Exceptional Energy Management Software:

Exceptional energy management software provides continuous and organized tracking of consumption data, serving as the foundation for effective energy control. Moreover, data should be systematically prepared and made comparable, such as through user-defined timeframes. To keep you well-informed about measurement status and enable timely countermeasures, energy management software should include extensive, automated, and continuous reporting capabilities.

In addition to the above aspects, energy management software should seamlessly integrate into your existing energy system. This ensures a quick setup and the expected cost savings, as it needs to be compatible with existing consumption meters. Versatile connectivity options and support for installation and commissioning are the final pieces in achieving optimal energy control. The more accurately you capture your energy flows, the more potential for savings can be unlocked. When making your choice, look for ISO 50001 certification to ensure eligibility for potential subsidies.

In addition to energy management software, you can find additional system technology in our range that seamlessly complements your energy management and integrates seamlessly with high-quality software.

Introducing "Joulio-Web" Energy Management Software:

EMU Metering's online store offers you "Joulio-Web," an energy management software that combines all the benefits of modern energy consumption data collection. With our software, your energy data is continuously and automatically recorded, processed, and made available for energy consumption optimization.

"Joulio-Web" Offers You All the Benefits of Modern Energy Management Software:

Certification and Eligibility: "Joulio-Web" is ISO 50001 certified, meeting all the requirements and features expected of forward-looking energy management systems. This is advantageous for you, as our certification makes your commitment to energy consumption optimization eligible for support from the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA).

Versatile Connectivity: With a wide range of possible data interfaces, "Joulio-Web" easily integrates into existing IT landscapes. It offers manufacturer-agnostic support for all common measuring devices and can be used in conjunction with several interfaces. Energy consumption meters can be connected to the software through interfaces such as M-Bus via M-Bus Center, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, CSV import via FTP, and web interface. In addition to manual data entry, we are continuously working on additional system enhancements and have other interfaces in development.

Clarity and Transparency: "Joulio-Web" provides transparency on your energy consumption. User-friendly groupings offer a comprehensive overview of all connected meters. The configuration of meters and data loggers is straightforward with just a few clicks. Various visualization options, customized chart adjustments, and flexible measurement selection enhance clarity and make your consumption data and potential savings visually accessible.

Comprehensive Reporting: Reports on energy consumption can be tailored to your requirements with our energy management software. In addition to automated monthly reports, you can customize the reporting function based on time intervals or events. The integrated alert feature enables timely and targeted responses to specific events. Reports are delivered via email in standard file formats. In addition to reports for internal use, "Joulio-Web" can also generate utility bill calculations at the push of a button.

Tailored Configuration: "Joulio-Web" is highly scalable and can be used for an unlimited number of meters and locations. In EMU Metering's online store, you can find not only the basic product but also individually selectable additional licenses for a software package tailored to your needs.

Professional and Customer-Centric Implementation: The installation and commissioning of "Joulio-Web" are carried out by our team, either locally or in a data center. Our workshop package includes both the professional integration of the software and the inclusion of relevant staff. This ensures expert adoption of the system. Continuous system maintenance and optimization complete our support and update service, providing you with a fully functional system for automated energy data collection.

Optimal Integration with "Joulio-Web" Energy Management Software

Are you ready to shape your energy efficiency for the future? Do you have questions about modern energy management with "Joulio-Web"? Contact us; we are here to provide guidance and support on your journey!

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